A Pooch Affair 2020: POSTPONED, Dates TBA @ EPIC. Open 10am-4pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Here are some common questions.

We encourage you to read the full Conditions of Entry for patrons and their dogs: A Pooch Affair Conditions of Entry. If you have further questions please contact us - we're happy to help!

What time does the show start/finish?

The show opens at 10am and closes at 4pm. Timing for specific activities are listed on the activities page.

Where do I buy tickets?

General admission tickets are only available for purchase at the gate. Tickets for specific activities like High Tea with Dogs must be pre-purchased (these include general admission) - see the individual activity page for purchasing details.

Is A Pooch Affair suitable for kids?

A Pooch Affair is a family event, and dog owners of all ages are encouraged to attend and have fun. Children under tha age of 12 must be supervised at all times.

Where is the Expo located, and where do I park?

A Pooch Affair is held in Exhibition Park in Canberra (Flemington Road, Lyneham ACT 2602) - a map and parking guide is available on the Venue page.

I have a Companion Card - do I pay for entry?

No - A Pooch Affair attendees with a severe disability who need to be accompanied by an able bodied adult only require a single ticket for entry. Purchase the single adult ticket and the companion can enter free upon display of their Companion Card.

Do you accept Seniors cards?

Yes! Simply present your card at the ticket purchase booth for your discount.

Is there disabled access at the venue?

We believe strongly in supporting the needs of people with disabilities. The main venue is on a single level at street height, and priority parking is provided outside the Budawang Pavilion entrance. There are no steps to enter the venue.

Please ask one of our volunteers if there are any other ways that we can help.

Is there an ATM nearby?

Yes - there will be an ATM on site at Exhibition Park.

Who's that person with the camera?

There will be an official photographer at the event to take pictures for promotional purposes.

If you don't wish to be photographed, that's okay - all you need to do is (politely) ask the photographer. (Please keep in mind that you may inadvertently appear in the background of some photos, but if you ask not to be the main subject of the photo we will respect that.)

My dog is hungry / thirsty - and so am I!

Head into the Budawang Pavilion for the Doggie Diner & Café for some tasty refreshments for you and your canine friend. There is also a human-food café located in Coorong Pavilion.

My dog needs a potty break!

In the case of any accidents, owners must clean up after their dog and dispose of waste in the allocated rubbish bins; or immediately report stains to event cleaners or personnel.

Owners must bring bags to clean up their dog's leavings. If you don't have bags, you can purchase a dispenser from the A Pooch Affair merchandise stall in Budawang Pavilion for only $5 each.

Am I allowed to pet that dog?

Please treat other attendees and their animals with respect. You should not approach, pat or handle dogs without permission - ask the respective owner or minder politely for permission to interact with their dog.

How many dogs can I bring?

You can bring a maximum of two dogs per person to the event.

Can my dog run around off the lead?

No. All dogs must be on leads at all times, unless within a specified off-leash or activity area. No extender leads are allowed.

My dog isn't feeling well. Is there a vet in the house?

A veterinary nurse will be available for consultations at the vet booth in Budawang Pavilion.

Are there human medical staff too?

Yes - St John Ambulance staff will be in attendance.

There was an incident. What now?

Patrons accept full responsibility for any and all damages and costs incurred as a result of an injury sustained by their dog or inflicted by their dog on any other dog or person at the event, thereby releasing A Pooch Affair Organisers against any and all claims or actions of any kind.

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